TEMP-SURE Commercial Dishwasher

The “TEMP-SURE” provides an additional 40 degrees of temperature rise to your incoming dish machine water supply, which will help prevent your existing water supply source from being over burdened.

The “TEMP-SURE” is mounted to the side of dish machine, not requiring any of your valuable kitchen space. The “TEMP-SURE” provides an additional 40 degrees of temperature rise to your incoming dish machine water supply, which will help prevent your existing water supply source from being over burdened. Have “PEACE OF MIND” that proper dishware sanitation is taking place and preventing health risks. The “TEMP-SURE” can be built-in at the factory, or it can be purchased separately with a eld kit for eld installation. The “TEMP-SURE” requires a separate 208-230v 3 phase or 208-240v 1 phase.

About Commercial Dishwashers

Commercial dishwashers are a crucial part of any food service establishment, from restaurants to catering companies and beyond. These powerful machines are designed to clean large quantities of dishes, glasses, and other kitchenware quickly and efficiently, making them an essential investment for any business that serves food.

There are several different types of commercial dishwashers available on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. One popular option is the conveyor dishwasher, which uses a conveyor belt to move dishes through the machine for fast, continuous cleaning. These machines are ideal for high-volume operations, as they can clean hundreds of dishes per hour with minimal manual labor.

Another type of commercial dishwasher is the undercounter dishwasher, which is designed to fit beneath a countertop for easy access and space-saving convenience. These machines are typically smaller and more compact than conveyor dishwashers, making them a great choice for smaller businesses or those with limited kitchen space.

A third option is the flight type dishwasher, which is similar to the conveyor dishwasher but uses a continuous loop instead of a conveyor belt to move dishes through the machine. These machines are ideal for larger operations, such as hotels or hospitals, as they can handle even greater volumes of dishes with ease.

No matter which type of commercial dishwasher you choose, there are several important factors to consider when making your selection. These include the size of your business, the volume of dishes you need to clean, and your budget.

What To Consider When Choosing A Commercial Dishwasher

In addition to the type of dishwasher, there are several other key features to consider when choosing a commercial dishwasher. One important factor is the machine’s capacity, which will determine how many dishes it can clean at once. Other important features to consider include the machine’s energy efficiency rating, its water usage, and its overall durability and reliability.

Another important consideration when choosing a commercial dishwasher is its cleaning power. Some machines use high-pressure jets to blast away food particles and grime, while others rely on detergents and hot water to achieve a deep clean. The best option for your business will depend on your specific needs and preferences, as well as the types of dishes you need to clean.

Overall, investing in a high-quality commercial dishwasher is an essential step for any food service business. Whether you choose a conveyor dishwasher, an undercounter model, or a flight type machine, a reliable dishwasher can save you time and labor while ensuring that your dishes are always clean and ready for use.

To ensure that you get the best possible results from your commercial dishwasher, it’s important to choose a model that is well-suited to your specific needs and requirements. By considering factors like capacity, cleaning power, and overall durability, you can find the perfect dishwasher for your business and enjoy years of efficient, reliable performance.

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