Cleaning For Breweries

We provide commercial cleaning supplies in Regina for your brewery.

When you choose ReThink BioClean REgina as your provider, you can rest assured that you are not simply choosing the comfort of your guests, but the future of our environment. By making a switch from disposable one-time use commercial cleaning products to refillable dispensers, your Regina brewery facility will make a sizable impact on landfill-destined plastics.

ReThink BioClean brewery cleaning products are key to keeping a brewery clean, which ensures the quality and safety of the beer produced, as well as the overall success of the business. A clean brewery not only promotes a positive image for the company, but it also helps to prevent contamination, maintain equipment efficiency, and improve the overall taste and consistency of the beer.

A hand pouring beer out of one of the taps at a brewery.

What are the advantages of choosing ReThink BioClean?

When you choose ReThink Bioclean to supply your Regina brewery with commercial cleaning supplies, you’re contributing to reducing your carbon footprint, promoting sustainability for your industry, and choosing the convenience of our unique cleaning product refillery system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we work with our customers by offering rent, lease and purchase options for commercial dishwashers for restaurants. Our commercial dishwasher equipment comes with extended service hours to keep your business running.

Yes, we offer state of the art technology to monitor your liquid’s flow and tank level. Our cloud system permits you to adjust any time, liquid flow that might not be accurate or efficient for your hotel laundry machine or dishwasher.

Rethink Bioclean's biodegradable cleaning products offer an eco-friendly alternative, minimizing the harm to the environment. These products have fewer toxins, ensuring safer usage while promoting sustainable practices for breweries and other industries.

We do an on-site assessment to provide appropriate-sized containers that will provide the customer a monthly supply of the filled liquid.  Our refill centres have both WHMIS approved labels, and easy-to-use reference charts to ensure the correct product is used for each required application.

You can call or set up a booking by contacting us and we would schedule an on-site assessment with yourself.  Following this, you will be provided with a product option listing with prices to suit your requirements.

We offer on-call service, which will answer any questions related to your commercial cleaning liquids. We also have optional tank level sensors that will alert us if your commercial cleaners tank is at low levels, or at risk of running out prior to your scheduled delivery – triggering action from our technicians.