181-VL Dishwasher

High temperature undercounter glasswasher

  • Soft Start feature lowers noise and reduces chance of glass breakage
  • Reduces water vapour for under bar application
  • Heat Recovery System promotes faster drying of glasses
  • Large 11-14″ height clearance accommodates larger glassware
  • Top mounted controls are easy to read and simple to operate
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction
  •  20 racks or 600 glasses per hour (30 glasses per rack)
  • .73 gallon of water per cycle or rack
  • SafeT-Temp booster heater for a 70 degree F rise
  • 180 degree F fresh water final rinse
  • Detergent and rinse aid chemical pumps
  • 180 seconds cycle
  • Removable Stainless Steel pump protection screen for easy cleaning
  • Reduced energy costs-uses only cold water supply
  • Raised door height makes it easier to remove tracks
  • 1.0 HP corrosion resistant pump
  • Stainless Steel upper and lower wash and rinse arms
  • Automatic fill function
  • 6″ Stainless Steel Legs

About Commercial Dishwashers

Commercial dishwashers are an essential piece of equipment for any commercial kitchen or food service operation. These machines are designed to handle large quantities of dishes, glasses, and cutlery quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your kitchen can keep up with the demands of a busy service.

Commercial dishwashers come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit the needs of different operations. Undercounter dishwashers are compact and fit under counters, making them ideal for smaller kitchens with limited space. Conveyor dishwashers are larger and can handle higher volumes of dishes, making them suitable for larger operations such as restaurants and hotels.

One of the main benefits of commercial dishwashers is their efficiency. These machines can wash and sanitize large quantities of dishes quickly, helping to reduce wait times and improve the overall efficiency of your kitchen. They also use less water and detergent than hand washing, making them a more environmentally friendly option.

Another benefit of commercial dishwashers is their hygiene. These machines are designed to sanitize dishes to a high standard, eliminating harmful bacteria and ensuring that your kitchen is clean and hygienic. This can help to reduce the risk of foodborne illness and improve the overall safety of your kitchen.

Overall, a commercial dishwasher is an essential piece of equipment for any commercial kitchen or food service operation. They are efficient, hygienic, and can help to improve the overall efficiency of your kitchen. Whether you are running a small café or a large restaurant, a commercial dishwasher can help to streamline your dishwashing process and keep your kitchen running smoothly.

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