ReThink BioClean Regina

Industries We Serve

ReThink BioClean is dedicated to providing zero waste options to a number of businesses in Regina, and across Canada. We work with companies in all industries to provide a plastic free model for janitorial and zero waste cleaning supplies.

Why Choose Us

We provide a completely unique refillery experience for businesses. Our system improves the way you use your cleaning products, from supply to actual cleaning power!

ReThink BioClean Regina

We provide the following zero waste cleaning supplies, and plastic free commercial refill services. Additionally, ReThink BioClean provides commercial dishwasher parts and repair in Regina, as well as leasing. Learn more about our industries. 

How It Works

Regina Commercial Cleaner Refillery Services

Step One:

We come to you and install our specialized cleaning system where you need it.

Step Two:

You use your cleaning products as normal and our system automatically reduces your plastic waste.

Step Three:

Our monitoring system keeps track how much you are using, and you can call us at any time for a refill

Step Four:

We bring our mobile refillery to you and refill your cleaning products as needed with 24 hour service.


Learn about the happy customers who have used the ReThink BioClean plastic free model across Canada, and what they have to say about our zero waste policies.

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